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Member Benefits

Just £6 a month gives you access to all of the following member benefits….. plus more to come!


All members will have access to the Onlinevents library along with the CPD Certificates and Learning Log so that you are able to complete all of your required CPD hours in the Onlinevents library if you wish to do so. There are more than 800 hours of CPD resources in the Onlinevents CPD hub with topics on every subject you can think of including Trauma, Anxiety, Supervision, building your private practice and escaping from a cult! And what’s more, all of the CPD provided by Onlinevents is accredited by The National Council of Psychotherapists.

This is an amazing opportunity for all of our members, allowing you to complete all your CPD and save you money. Onlinevents has been a leader in providing CPD for therapists for many years now and we are sure you will be very impressed with their range of high quality CPD on offer.

JHD Counselling Services

In collaboration with JHD Counselling Services, we will be offering CPD workshops around the UK. JHD Counselling Services provides Level 1 – 4 counselling training, as well as many CPD workshops. In 2018 they were awarded ‘Outstanding’ via an independent examiner for their NCS Quality Checked Courses. We aim to bring the workshops to where you are, limiting your need to travel to access excellent CPD. Our members will be able to access the workshops for just £20 – 40 per day. The usual cost to attend is between £80-120. As you can see, there is the potential to save a lot of money.

Some of the workshops on offer include; Body image, eating disorders and self-harm, Working with emotional abuse and narcissistic personality disorder, Working with sexuality, Introduction to Gestalt Techniques, CYP mental health and suicide risk – early intervention, Working with grief and loss, Dealing with the responsibility of being a counsellor – intakes/assessments/use of supervision to protect yourself with clients…. and more!


Online CPD Interactive Hub


Every two weeks we will host a live and interactive online workshop. These workshops will be delivered by members of CTUK who will receive payment for delivering them. The trainings will be recorded and will be stored in the member’s area here on this website, which you can access any time you log in. Trainings will cover a wide and diverse range of topics, e.g. working with transference, how to blog, how to attract clients, how to be GDPR compliant, working with addiction, working with suicidal clients, and more. Each training will count towards your CPD hours and you can even download a certificate.


National Counsellors’ Day Online Conference 2020

Miss the National Counsellors’ Day 2020 Conference? Not to worry, you can watch it for free here! Includes 6 hours of CPD plus certificate.‬

What do you get?

* Interview with Maria Albertsen from Counsellors Together UK.

* Presentation – Dr Elizabeth Cotton – IAPT and the ‘Uberisation’ of mental health services.

* Presentation – Dr Phil Cox – Extinction Rebellion: The potential impact of civil disobedience upon professional conduct hearings.

* Brief Talk – Psychotherapy and Counselling Union (PCU) and JHD Counselling Ltd.

* Presentation – Mason Webb – Debunking gender identity: A reflective guide to gender identity counselling.

* Presentation – Jo Watson – Dropping the Disorder! Challenging the medicalisation of emotional distress in counselling and psychotherapy.

We hope you enjoy watching the day as much as we did!

7 Day Blog Challenge – Online Course

This blogging course is ideal for anyone who wants to blog but doesn’t know where to start, or for those of you who are blogging but aren’t getting the results you want. The RRP is £39.99, but our members get it for free.

You will have full access to the course and you can try Day 1 for free here.

Day 1 – Blogging for your ideal audience. Day 1 is all about getting to know your ideal audience! There will be an exercise to help you identify exactly who your client audience, how to reach out and meet their needs, and bring them to you.

Day 2 – Putting YOU into your blog. Day 2 is all about putting YOU in your blog! Today you’ll look at overcoming your fears, identifying your strengths, your story, your biography and identifying your goals.

Day 3 – Content. Day 3 is all about content. Today you will discover what your ideal client would want to read about. You will then identify 52 topics that you can cover and plan 6-12 months worth of content for your blog. Yes, really!

Day 4 – Blog writing. Day 4 is a writing day. You’ll need to put aside a couple of hours for this and when you’re finished you’ll be over half way through the challenge! Today you will learn how to structure a blog – how to write a headline, introduction, add images and a call to action, and where to add sub-headings and end with a summary. At the end you will have a blog ready to publish.

Day 5 – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Today is all about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). You will learn what SEO is and why it is important, producing quality content and appropriate use of key words, as well as online tools to check your work.

Day 6 – Blog writing. Today is another blog writing day. You will put everything you have earned into action and produce another amazing blog.

Day 7 – Scheduling, promoting and analysing. Today is all about scheduling, promoting and advertising. You will look at how to optimise a blog post and where to share. You will also receive a list of great online analytic tools where you can do things such as check for keywords that will work, broken links and SEO checkers.


Online Counselling Directory Listing

You will be welcome to submit a listing to our new online counselling directory ‘Find a Therapist’ over on our main website ( This will give you an extra online presence and will help to bring you more clients, supervisees and perhaps even training opportunities. Clients will be able to search for you by postcode, modality, fees and more. Currently, we have between 200 to several thousands of visitors to the site every day. When you submit a listing admin will do some basic SEO work on your behalf, and as we grow our membership and begin to make money we will invest in someone to manage this for us to help the directory to rank high in search engine results. To see an example of a counselling directory listing click here.

The Therapists Planner

The Therapists Planner is available to download each month from your members area. You can download and use the planner on week-by-week or monthly basis. Watch the video to see whats inside. We hope you love it as much as we do.

Social Media Template Pack

This pack will give you everything you need to schedule your social media posts across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn every day for the next year. There are templates for Quotes, Affirmations, Questions/Prompts, Self Promotion, Weekly Thoughts, Self Care Tips and National Days/Holidays.

The templates will open directly into your Canva account where you can then add your website/logo and download and use as they are, or you can edit them further to suit your own business and meet your own needs. All templates can be edited on the free version of Canva.

Coworking Days

All of our members are invited to attend our live coworking days which happen twice a week. The days are designed to mimic a virtual office space, allowing us to come together and discuss ideas to grow and develop our businesses. Check out the current program below.

Websites for Therapists

If you don’t yet have a website and would like one you can access the offer available to all our members from Websites for Therapists. Websites for Therapists specialise in WordPress websites. You will receive one years free hosting with each website build ordered. The usual price for the build and hosting is £85. The code will remove £36 (the usual cost of yearly hosting) from your order, and you will pay the remaining £49. You will then pay £36 per year hosting after year one. This is an absolute bargain!

10% OFF National Counsellors’ Day Tickets

As a CTUK Members Club member you will be eligible for 10% off our yearly National Counsellors’ Day Conference ‘in-person’ tickets. Just enter the code provided in the members area at the checkout.

National Counsellors’ Day was launched in 2019 by Counsellors Together UK and it was a huge success. Last year (2019) we had over 70 people attend our conference in Lincoln and this year (2020) we moved online where we had over 1000 people registered – it was truly amazing!

The next conference will take place on Saturday 19th June 2021 and the theme of the day is ‘Diversity and Inclusion in Counselling and Psychotherapy’. 

Having a National Counsellors’ Day helps us to raise awareness of the counselling profession. You can read more about it and book tickets here.

Monthly Prize Draw – £15 Amazon Voucher

On the last day of each month one lucky member will win a £15 Amazon Voucher – we all love books, yeah? Names will be drawn randomly from a computer-generated program to ensure it is a fair process, and members will be informed via our admin team.

Diploma in counselling children and young people by Dr Sue Pattison

About the course – This course is brought to you by Dr Sue Pattison from SPC Online Training Academy.

This course is for you if you are a student wanting practice hours from placements with CYP or an adult trained counsellor wanting to extend your practice.

Before you decide if you want to buy any of the course modules you are able to access one module for free. In this free module, you will learn professional body informed competences to work with children and young people aged 11-18 years.

You can access the free module here.

There are then another 3 modules to complete the course. These are:

Module 1 – Child and Adolescent Development

Module 2 – Communication with Young People

Module 3 – Beginning and Endings

Each Module is just £32 each and CTUK Members Club members get 10% off each one – simply use the code provided in the Members Area at checkout.

* This course is undergoing assessment with the CPD Standards Office.

What’s more, when you sign up for any of the course modules you receive 25% off The Handbook for Counselling Children and Young People, published by Sage and co-edited by Sue Pattison. You will be emailed this code when you sign up for the above modules.


About the book – “Expert authors from a wide range of backgrounds bring together the fundamentals of counselling practice with children and young people in this landmark handbook. It covers all your students need to know about theory and practice approaches, the counselling process, and practice issues and settings. This second edition is updated with the latest developments and research in an ever-changing field, and includes new content on:

* Diversity and difference * Mental illness * Safeguarding and risk assessment * Child and young people’s development * Attachment theory and application.

Each chapter includes a chapter introduction and summary, reflective questions and activities, helping trainees to cement their learning. With chapters contributed by leading specialists and academics in the field, this book is essential reading for trainees and practitioners working with children and young people.

About Sue – Sue is a counsellor/psychotherapist, clinical supervisor and trainer. Sue was Director of a PhD programme at Newcastle University for many years and is now a lecturer in psychology (part-time) at Arden University. Sue runs a busy counselling and supervision practice and teaches and researches counselling internationally. She provides online courses at SPC Online Training Academy and is joint editor of the Sage Handbook for Counselling Children and Young People, published in 2018. Sue is also joint Chair of the BACP Children, Young Peoples and Families Division.


Supportive Private Facebook Group

When you sign up you will be sent a link to join our private Facebook group. Here you’ll find a lovely group of people all helping and supporting each other. Don’t worry if you’re not on Facebook though as we’ll keep you updated via email and hopefully in the future we may see you at one of our social events or CPD workshops. 

Membership costs just £6 per month!

That’s right! For just £6 a month you get access to everything above!

If you’re ready to join us simply enter your details below. You can opt to pay using a credit or debit card, or via PayPal. £6 will be taken from your account each month. You can cancel at any time by logging into your Members Area. You will receive an email containing your log-in details and further instructions to access the benefits above when you sign up.

Who are we?

The Counsellors Together UK Members Club was set up in August 2019 to help us to fund our campaign work at Counsellors Together UK (CTUK) ( CTUK is the UK’s largest counsellors’ campaign group and our main aim is to work together to end the culture and prevalence of unpaid work within our profession.

With almost 200 members here in our CTUK Members Club we are excited by the impact this club will have on those therapists who have decided to join us (via our member benefits), the wider CTUK group and the counselling world in general (via our campaign work). Yes, at CTUK, we like to dream BIG!

CTUK has had an amazing first three years, influencing policy change and successful campaign work, as well as launching the UK’s first-ever National Counsellors’ Day. We work hard to help counsellors, and all therapists, to be recognised for the brilliant work they do, and to fight to end the culture and prevalence of unpaid work.

However, despite our success, we WANT, no we MUST, do more!

And to do that we need more funding!

Up until recently, we relied on our admin to work on a voluntary basis and also to personally fund the work we do, but this had to change. Our hope is that this paid Members Club will allow us to raise enough money to fund our ongoing campaign work.

Membership is just £6 per month and in return we offer a VERY impressive range of benefits which you can see for yourself above. Plus there is more to come. We are in talks with others about discounts on books, insurance, events, etc. and we expect to keep adding benefits as our CTUK Members Club grows 🙂

If you’d like to join us and become a member of the CTUK Members Club then all you need to do is fill out the form. £6 per month will be taken from the account of the card you pay with, and you can cancel your membership at any time by logging into your Members Area.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for joining us as we start this exciting new journey together. I’m really excited that you have chosen to be a part of it from the beginning, and hopefully, we’ll grow into something wonderful together.

Best wishes and see you in there!

Maria 🙂

*Maria Albertsen – Founder of Counsellors Together UK and National Counsellors’ Day.